4-H Hunt valley robotics club

By: Bidemi Oladiran (AmeriCorps VISTA)

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 On February 22nd, 2016 the 4-H Hunt valley robotics club convened. The members who were present reintroduced themselves and then the President Amith proceeded to lead the club in the 4-H pledge. The members played an exciting game of 4 corners as a way to break the ice and put everyone at ease. Afterwards, Didier the reporter for the club recapped the clubs success during the FTC: FIRST Tech Challenge competition and places where improvements are needed.

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Later on, the students split up into younger and older age groups. The younger age group consisted of elementary age students who needed to improve on making their robots follow the line. To do this, they were advised to add a touch sensor to make the robot reverse, touch the wall and then find the line. The older students who were middle school age, were led by the officers Amith and Didier who were being mentored on how to attach channels to robots while also learning how to build a motor. As the meeting concluded the younger members which included the clubs Treasurer Cooper, were still having trouble adjusting their robots to perform the assigned task. They were able to get the robot to reverse but the wheels just kept spinning in reverse and didn’t go forward. The older members were also making progress in learning and building a motor for their robot. Their club leader Ms. Osias informed the parents that it’s best to give the children challenges and allow them to figure things out on their own before stepping in and offering assistance. All in all, the students all enjoyed their assigned task and if it wasn’t for the fact that time was up they would have continued well into the night.