Why should you be a Baltimore County 4-H camp Counselor?

Why should you be a Baltimore County 4-H camp Counselor?


By: Jennifer Coroneos

I grew up listening to stories of when my mom, dad, aunts, and uncles all went to 4-H Camp. A lot has changed since they went to camp. However, growing up listening to all the stories, I knew I wanted a camp experience I could share when I got older. As soon as I was old enough, I signed up to be a Baltimore County 4-H Camp Counselor. My life has forever been changed. So I after reading this I encourage you to talk to your parents ask what their experience was; then sign up to be a Baltimore County 4-H Camp Counselor.

I have been a Baltimore Country 4-h Camp Counselor for many years now. This past summer, I was Junior Director for the 2015 Baltimore County 4-H Day Camp and the 4-H STEM Camp. I have learned many things over the years about the importance of being a camp counselor; and the difference it can make in your life and to all the campers there. So, why should you be a camp counselor?

ashley with a game

  1. Well, the first reason is obvious. Serving as a camp counselor (at least once) may be one of the greatest experiences of your life. According to Ashley Treadwell, a former 4-H camp counselor; “It is a fun experience that you will not regret. Being a camp counselor is a great way to have fun at camp while also helping those younger than you have fun at camp. It is a rewarding experience that I promise you will not regret.”
  1. As a camp counselor you get the chance to form relationships with your campers and other counselors which will be the most unique and wonderful friendships you could ever possibly have. There is something so incredibly special about that bond. I still keep in contact with my camper’s years later. The friendships you make also with your fellow staff become lifelong friendships. They are the greatest friends because you understand each other completely having spent that time at camp.
  1. You’ll become a leader, whether you like it or not. At the end of the day, as a camp counselor, all those campers look to you for EVERYTHING (please trust me when I say everything). They want to be you when they leave camp! If that doesn’t make you feel awesome, I don’t know what will! If you have some sort of “cool camp skill”, like bracelet making or knowing how to finger knit, they’ll ask you to teach it to them. And they’ll be doing it all week.
  1. There will be so many stories starting with “This one time, at camp…,” and they will become your fondest memories. The summers I’ve spent at camp are incredibly rewarding. I love telling people about all the fun things we have done. Melissa Coroneos shares one of her favorite memories as a 4-H camp counselor; “One year on the last day of camp all the campers got to pie the counselors in the face. It was super exciting to see the campers’ faces light up as they pied their favorite counselor.”
  1. Camp is a hands-on learning experience. You’ll learn to manage time well so that you’ll always be on time. You won’t be able to hide behind your smartphone or your Facebook timeline. Your leadership and communication skills WILL increase dramatically. This will serve you well in college and job interviews, no matter what your major is or your professional interests are. The lifelong interpersonal and leadership skills you gain at Baltimore County 4-H Camp will always stand out. Savvy employers and business leaders reviewing your resume will recognize the ambition, determination, and communication skills required to be a camp counselor. So, whatever endeavor you choose to pursue in the future, your experience at Camp will equip you for it.

Overall, camp is a place where true relationships are built and it teaches us how to lead, how to inspire, and how to become better people overall. You will never be the same after you’ve been a camp counselor. If I’ve convinced you to become a camp counselor or even if you’re still not quite sure it’s for you, contact the Baltimore County 4-H office at 410-887-8090 to learn more about starting the process of becoming A BETTER YOU!!

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