The National 4-H Science Experiment


On October 8th, a group of 11 interested students participated in the National 4-H Science Experiment along with 4-H clubs throughout the world.  This year’s experiment, Rockets to Rescue, challenged participants to create rockets to safely transport food to an island affected by a natural disaster.

After learning about their task, students set to work building and launching their rockets.  Though they had the option of using a template, many students decided to explore their interest in engineering and try out many variations, testing which version flew best.

As we were launching rockets a second time to test the improvements students made to their original design, the International Space Station could be seen overhead, looking like a brighter star traveling through space.  Students were very excited to be able to see a real-life application of the experiment in action.

By: Adrienne Vitullo

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University of Maryland Extension, Baltimore County 4-H serves youth from ages 5-18 in Baltimore County MD through hands-on activities and learning experiences.
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