Ag Science Series- Animal Dissection and Reproduction


On March 9th, in part of the agriculture science series we dissected pigs and learned about the reproductive systems of a cow, sheep, and pig.  I have been in 4-H for almost 10 years now.  I have raised rabbits, goats, chickens, and ducks.  I also enjoy entering my arts and crafts and baked goods in the indoor entries portions of the shows.  This activity was very hands on and a great experience. With the pig dissection we were able to look at the digestive system and all the organs and we were also able to take a closer look at the heart this was helpful because in our class at school we were just about to start the systems of the body and it only made us more prepared for class. In dissecting the reproductive systems we got to try to artificially inseminate the cow cervix and see up close what the reproductive system look like.

I was able to participate in these activities with two of my friends in AP Biology from school.  They both enjoyed it a lot.  This experience was great experience for me because I am going off to college soon to earn a nursing degree and being able to do these hands on activities and have experience with them before college only makes me better prepared for what I am going to have to do there.  Chloe (one of my friends) is planning on getting a degree in veterinary sciences so this experience was very helpful to her as well.  This is a great workshop for 4-H kids to participate in because you get to have hand on experiences and have fun with it as well.  4-H has always been a great opportunity for learning experiences and being able to learn these new things with your friends as well.  By inviting more people, even non 4-Hers, to these events we are able to make 4-H grow.

By Abigail McGucken 4-H Rabbit Club and 4-H Dairy Goat Club member


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