4-H Afterschool in Dundalk

By PAL Staff and UME 4-H VISTA

On October 3rd, The Dundalk PAL Center held an afterschool program session called “The End is in Sight!” This is a team building leadership activity where youth had to work together to get to the opposite side of the room—with many restrictions on the methods of getting there. Initially, all the groups struggled with getting to the other side of the classroom. In some groups, everyone wanted to be the leader and this resulted in no progress being made. However, after learning from their mistakes and getting a couple of pointers from the PAL Staff, one group was able to complete the task successfully!

After performing the task, the group had some time for reflection. One member exclaimed, “I liked trying new things!” Another said, “I felt it was a strategy game.” The members also showed signs of understanding what tasks were necessary to successfully complete this challenge. “They [the winning group] recognized their mistakes so they started over,” one student said. Overall, this was a very interesting session. Knowing that the children learned from this activity made it all worthwhile!

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